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Business concerns both small to medium sized and Corporations  with local, regional or national presence throughout the U.S. are enjoying the advantages of Admiral Leasing's Commercial Lease Programs. They are choosing us because we offer the flexibility, personal service, and attention to detail that many other leasing companies overlook or don't deem important enough to provide.

If purchasing, maintaining and disposal of your company vehicles demanding too much of your time and resources? Is this something that you feel could be done more cost effectively by a team of professionals that do it day in and day out ?  If so, let Admiral Leasing prepare a, no obligation,0 proposal of the program we recommend based upon our analysis of your imput and objectives.


24-48 Month Leases
Closed-end Net-Operating Leases
Open-end Finance Leases
Unlimited Mileage Leases
Nationwide Maintenance Plans and expense control
$1.00 Buy-out Leases
License & Title Services
Fuel Card Programs
Sale/Lease Back Plans
Vehicle disposition of your current leased or owned vehicles
Commercial Leasing Government Leasing Diplomatic Leasing
Vehicle Management
Cumbersome paperwork and details of vehicle operation can add up to more work for your management and staff. Let Admiral Leasing assist in managing your fleet of vehicles; it's something we do every day! We leave you more time to focus on what you do best... managing your business!

Customized Leases
Even if your company vehicles are driven more than average miles, we have various programs to accommodate your usage. Admiral Leasing provides a wide range of flexibility anywhere from the number of vehicles you can lease to the terms of the lease.

Lower Intial Cash Outlay
The typical initial cash outlay consists of your first month's lease payment, a small refundable security deposit, and vehicle registration fees. The entire lease process is quick, easy, and often less costly than purchasing a vehicle.
Tax Benefits
Leasing your company vehicles will provide the maximum possible tax advantages. You eliminate carrying a depreciating asset on your books. Your company's borrowing capacity with banks and other lenders remains available for other needs.

Lower Monthly Payments
Lower monthly payments means more available capital for your business. You are only paying a predetermined cost for the amount of usage you need.
One Stop Shopping
Admiral Leasing offers leases on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans. You'll have one vendor for all vehicles.
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Whether your company needs one vehicle or an entire fleet, it's time to consider outsourcing the transportation end of your business.

Let our experienced personnel create a leasing program that will save you time and money!
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