Welcome to Admiral Leasing

Thank you for your interest in Admiral Leasing. For nearly 30 years we have been serving the vehicle requirements of small to mid-sized businesses with one to one hundred vehicles and including a range of ancillary fleet management services. Additionally, the company provides its services to the Embassies and the Diplomatic community in North America, Professional individuals, and federal & municipal Government agencies under open-market contracts as well as the GSA contract having been a vendor (since 1998) to the federal government and its contractors.

What We Do

Admiral Leasing offers a variety of vehicles for institutional and commercial use. Some of our clients include:

Mobility transportation
Assisted living communities
Athletic teams
Religious organizations
Hotels and resort
Day Care Centers
Apartment Complexes
Diplomatic Community
Government Agencies

Why Choose Admiral Leasing?

Complete Vehicle Management

...at the at the most competitive pricing (using all manufacturer fleet and incentive programs). We’ll handle the cumbersome paperwork and details of vehicle acquisition, registration, and operation. From the company's work vehicles to the management teams. Be if, a Pick-up, truck, Cargo Van, and an assortment of commercial trucks to a BMW or Tesla for the senior executives.

Customized Leasing

Even if your company vehicles are driven more than average miles, we have various programs to accommodate your usage. Admiral Leasing provides a wide range of flexibility including Hybrids and electric to the number of vehicles you can lease to the terms of the lease.

Lower Initial Cash Outlay

The initial cash outlay is minimal; the process is easy and more cost-effective than dealership and manufacturer teaser ads featuring a low-rate monthly lease with the fine print requesting thousands of dollars up-front to get there.

Tax Benefits

Leasing will provide the maximum possible tax advantages while eliminating your having to. • carry a depreciating asset on your books • showing a liability on the balance sheet.

Love it or Leave It

If you have fallen in love with leased vehicle and wish to keep it in the family or within the company- that's great as all Admiral leases include a purchase option.

One Stop Shopping

Admiral Leasing offers leases on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans. You'll have one vendor for all vehicles.