Our Services

Admrial's management team believes in offering our clients flexible solutions that fit their needs. Whether your company requires one-vehicle or a fleet, Admiral has a lease and ancillary services best suited for your specific needs.

One Stop Shopping

You'll have vehicle flexibility with one single source vendor. ADMIRAL leases all makes & models of Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and Passenger & Cargo Vans, etc.

Improving cash flow

Why tie your capital in a depreciating asset(s)? Leasing requires only a minimal initial cash outlay and frees up your capital or credit lines for more productive needs. The entire lease process is quick, easy, and a great alternative to ownership, enabling you to "pay for only that portion of the vehicle's useful life you will use".

Matching expenses

Leasing costs are expensed as incurred. Much like that of your office. No need tying up after-tax dollars in a depreciating asset.

Maximizing the Tax Benefits

While we do not provide tax advice; we continually hear from client’s that their accountants recommend leasing of their vehicles as it provides them the most favorable tax treatment. Consult with your accountant or tax advisor.

Cleaning up the Balance Sheet

Leasing will eliminate the need of carrying a depreciating asset on your books. Moreover, an operating lease need not appear on your company's books as a liability thereby improving the business’s net worth and debt-to-equity ratios important for borrowing capacity with banks and other lenders.

Vehicle Management

Paperwork and details of managing your vehicles and their operation can be significantly reduced, thus freeing up your management and staff for more productive needs. Admiral Leasing handles all vehicle registrations and offers maintenance management, fuel cards, safety programs and vehicle relocation services available with one, easy to follow, monthly billing. It's like having your own fleet manager and it’s something we do every day!

Tailored Leases

To best suit your needs. Walk-Away lease are the most common and preferred by clients. Admiral will tailor the lease to fit your driving habits- from low to average or high mileage usage. Ad when the need is for pick-ups and vans- we even offer unlimited mileage rates.

Why Choose Admiral Leasing?

Complete Vehicle Management

...at the at the most competitive pricing (using all manufacturer fleet and incentive programs). We’ll handle the cumbersome paperwork and details of vehicle acquisition, registration, and operation. From the company's work vehicles to the management teams. Be if, a Pick-up, truck, Cargo Van, and an assortment of commercial trucks to a BMW or Tesla for the senior executives.

Customized Leasing

Even if your company vehicles are driven more than average miles, we have various programs to accommodate your usage. Admiral Leasing provides a wide range of flexibility including Hybrids and electric to the number of vehicles you can lease to the terms of the lease.

Lower Initial Cash Outlay

The initial cash outlay is minimal; the process is easy and more cost-effective than dealership and manufacturer teaser ads featuring a low-rate monthly lease with the fine print requesting thousands of dollars up-front to get there.

Tax Benefits

Leasing will provide the maximum possible tax advantages while eliminating your having to. • carry a depreciating asset on your books • showing a liability on the balance sheet.

Love it or Leave It

If you have fallen in love with leased vehicle and wish to keep it in the family or within the company- that's great as all Admiral leases include a purchase option.

One Stop Shopping

Admiral Leasing offers leases on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans. You'll have one vendor for all vehicles.